Monitoring and information systems

Improvements in information systems: The Kenya Health Information System (KHIS) is now widely used by the public sector with continued improvements in data quality. This is also incentivised by grants whose conditions are linked to data from this source. Discussions on a Kenya Health Observatory to collate data, synthesis and analysis data for health system decision making..Read More

Service delivery arrangements

Testing of new service delivery arrangements: Some actors are experimenting with new service delivery arrangements to increase focus on primary health care and offer more integrated care. Kisumu County, one of the pilot counties, is testing the use of primary care networks where the primary hospital acts as the clinical and administrative hub for a geographically defined..Read More

Benefits specification

Refinement of health benefits package and service delivery standards: The MOH’s health benefits package advisory panel proposed a health benefits package to enhance the link between financial resources and services received. The national medicines and therapeutics committee has recently updated the essential medicines and supplies lists, and the MOH is reviewing outdated clinical guidelines and standards.

Governance Arrangements

Strengthening strategic purchasing at county level: Initial steps have been made in engaging with county-level actors to enhance strategic purchasing actions at this level. These include through conditional grants (e.g. the World Bank’s Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project) or through embedded technical assistance (e.g. ThinkWell’s strategic purchasing projects in 3 Kenyan counties)