National Government (Ministry of Health MOH)

Organisational context Central government entity led by Cabinet Secretary (political leadership); Principal secretary (accounting/operations officer); Director general (chief technical officer). Organized into directorates, then into divisions and units. Government revenue sources are tax revenues (88%), non-tax revenue (12%); and borrowing (FY 2017/18) Population & Entitlement Coverage 100%; Automatic as a right of citizenship or residency

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

Organisational context Semi-autonomous government agency under the MOH. Headed by a Board representative of key stakeholders that makes strategic decisions on benefit package, premium rates and contracts. Operations by management team headed by Chief Executive Officer. Main revenue sources are premiums from contributors (95%) and funds received for commercial or government-funded schemes (5%) Population & Entitlement Coverage..Read More

County Governments (County Departments of Health CDOH)

Organisational context Devolved government entity led by County Executive Committee member (political leadership); Chief Officer (accounting/operations officer); County director of health (chief technical officer). Organized into thematic units and/or directorates at the county level and sub-county level. County revenue sources are an equitable share of national revenue 84%; Local revenue 9%; Conditional grants from national government 5%;..Read More