Main Challanges

There remain challenges with overall health service readiness including: 1- Availability and distribution of human resources for health 2- Health products and technologies 3- Infrastructure and information systems.

Health System Governance

The health system is governed at two levels: 1.national (in charge of national referral facilities, health policies, national level government agencies, and technical assistance to counties) 2.county (health service delivery at county level, ownership of publicly owned health facilities and public health services)  

Findings on Strategic Purchasing

The county governments, NHIF, private and community-based health insurance – show that they do not meet the ideals of strategic purchasing. Ongoing reforms to address these challenges and achieve universal health coverage (UHC) include: 1.Greater budgetary allocations to health 2.piloting of free-of-charge access to services in 4 counties 3.Strengthening of the NHIF 4.Regularisation of management of human..Read More